What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending upon the date, hours, location, package chosen, your specific needs and other variables that can impact the final rate.  We prefer to work with each individual client to create a package that best suits their budget and event requirements.

Do you take requests?

Absolutely, yes.  It’s your party!  While we are happy to make suggestions, you have total control over the music that is played at your event.  We have clients who choose every single song to be played, leave it entirely up to us, permit us to take requests from their guests, or a combination of all three.

How much do you require for a deposit?

We require a deposit fee of 30% of the total price to lock in the date.  We accept all major credit cards, and cash; also personal checks for deposits two weeks in advance.

Do you take breaks?

No. Your DJ will be providing music and emcee services from start to finish. You are not charged for the time required for equipment set up or break down.

Do you charge for travel?

No, unless your location is outside of our local service area, which includes Montgomery, Northern Chester, Western Bucks, Eastern Berks Counties and nearby vicinities.

Do you have current music?

We receive new titles twice monthly, so we always have the most current music. Please let us know if you have specific songs or artists you want played at your event.

How far ahead should we book your service?

It depends upon the date.  Some clients choose to contract a year or more in advance, while some are comfortable waiting until several months prior.  Saturdays are the busiest nights, so waiting too long to book your event for a Saturday might lead to disappointment.  All bookings are confirmed by receipt of deposit.

How much set up time do you need?

All talents will arrive at least one hour prior to start up time, but we like to arrive extra early just in case.  Most live and sound gigs, weddings, and events with lighting may need up to two hours or more.  We will never load equipment into the facility while guests are present.  Please let us know if you have special needs.

What happens if you don’t have a song we want?

Chances are we will have the music you are looking for.  Should there be a special song request in advance, we will attempt to locate and purchase that song for you. We cannot guarantee that a particular song is in print or is available, but we rarely come across a client request that we cannot accommodate.  Since we cannot guarantee the quality and appropriateness of a song, we generally do not play songs provided by guests at an event.

How about the volume level?

There’s nothing worse than having to yell over loud music. We are very conscience of people’s sensitivity to noise. The speakers are placed preferably adjacent to the dance floor, and your DJ continuously monitors the room and sound level.  Most times we are asked to turn the music up!

Can I come to one of your scheduled events to see you perform?

Yes, as long as they are public events. Attendance at private events is typically restricted. EmCee Entertainment respects this courtesy. Moreover, whatever you could observe at the private event would most likely not apply to your particular entertainment needs or preferences.

What if one of my guests asks for a song that I don’t want played at my event?

Songs that may be inappropriate for an occasion will not be played unless you specifically ask for them. Almost all of the songs in the library with explicit lyrics are edited for content. If a guest persists in requesting a particular song, you will be asked for permission before it is played, and your decision will be final.

Do you have a backup system?

EmCee Entertainment brings back up equipment for all of the major components that could fail during a gig.

Is your wedding DJ willing to meet with you face to face meeting?

Most certainly! Call to set up a no-obligation meeting at your home, your venue, or at a local restaurant or bar.

Do you use a contract?

Absolutely. You should get a written contract from all of your event services. No professional service operates without a written contract, and if a potential service tells you that you don’t need one, you should look elsewhere!  Make sure the contract includes the date, times and location of your event. We always send a written contract, specifying your event details and provisions.

What are the traditional wedding ceremony songs?

Most of our clients ask us to play orchestral prelude music prior to the ceremony, along with a wedding processional for the bridal entrance and a wedding recessional for the exit from the ceremony. Occasionally, we are asked to play special songs for the seating of special family members or the entrance of the bridal party.  Also, music can accompany any special moments that sometimes occur during the wedding ceremony, such as candle lighting.

Can we change our time when we get closer to our date?

Yes.  Typically, we can make minor adjustments to the start and end times of your event.  We understand that plans can sometimes change at the last minute.

When do we need to complete our on-line event planner?

We recommend that you return your planner to us at least two weeks prior to your event, if not sooner. This gives us time to look for specific songs requests.

What if, at the party, we want the DJ or band to play beyond the contracted time?

This happens more than you think and it is no problem! The DJ or band would rather stay and party than go home.  Simply authorize the overtime with the venue and the artists will stay as long as you want.  Overtime charges will be specified on your contract.

Will your DJ help with announcements?

Our DJs come equipped with a microphone and are happy to make announcements and to help coordinate activities at your event, if you want them to. We plan these activities and announcements with you ahead of time so there are no surprises or disappointments at your event.

Do we need to feed the artists?

Our entertainers do not expect a meal at your event.  At longer events or events that run through a typical meal time, DJ’s and band musicians greatly appreciate an offer of food.  In truth, caterers typically offer the entertainers some food regardless of what our client does.  You may wish to ask your caterer if “vendor meals” are provided.  In any case, if a meal is offered, it will be consumed quickly and discreetly.

What do you need the facility to provide for you?

For DJ services, we would only require an electrical outlet and a five- to six-foot banquet table.  For a small fee we can supply a table if needed.  The facility must be able to provide an additional electrical outlet on a separate circuit for packages that include lighting and/or fog.

How much should I tip the artists?

Tipping is not expected, but our entertainers do work hard to provide you with the best possible service and appreciate any show of recognition that you might deem appropriate.

Do you need to see the room you’ll be working in before the day of my event?

Almost never.  We’ve worked in every possible situation over the years and can make virtually any room or area work.  We do, however, require roll-in access for the equipment, and extra fees may apply for venues with stairs access, only.  Please let us know if you have special needs.

What about iPods and MP3 players? Can’t I use them instead of a DJ?

No, we certainly do not recommend this.  Most people do not own, nor would know how to operate, an amplified sound system that professional disc jockeys use to properly present music, especially for dancing.  In addition, the player most likely could not store or provide the variety of music necessary for events that include guests of all ages and backgrounds.  It would be very difficult to accommodate song requests and/or change the order and timing of playback.  Provided that you can obtain the sound system and a microphone for announcements, you or one of your guests would have to run the equipment rather than enjoying the evening with family and friends!

Do you put up any signs or banners?

Usually, no.  And if so, only in good taste and only with approval from you and/or the venue.

What is lighting?

An effects lighting package adds that certain party atmosphere to your dance floor using “discothèque”-style color lighting and effects, including the traditional mirror ball.  Some packages may include fog, bubbles, and props or favors.

What happens if my entertainer doesn’t show up?

If this happens, you’ve hired someone else.  EmCee Entertainment has never missed a job!  But let’s consider a worst case scenario for a moment.  On the way to your event, your entertainer is involved in a serious accident and cannot contact the office.  At some point, someone will notice that the entertainment has not arrived (usually the event venue coordinator) and will call us, either directly or via our emergency service.  We will then immediately make all attempts to secure substitute services. In the best of circumstances, depending upon the timing, the music may start a little late.

Your DJ won’t be obnoxious, will he/she?

Absolutely not.  Our DJs are professional, friendly, courteous and helpful. Additionally, they will handle your event to your specifications. If you prefer a more low-key approach, the DJ will gladly accommodate your wishes. At a wedding reception, our DJs enhance the enjoyment of the event, not be the focus of attention.  A wedding day is about you, the bride and groom, not about our DJ.

How do I know you are the right DJ for my event?

In a word, experience.  A skilled disc jockey knows how to: work with you in planning your event so that it will be a smashing success, set up a pristine sound system and properly adjust it as the event progresses, play music that is appropriate for cocktails, dinner and dancing, provide professional emcee duties as needed, and make sure your guests are having a great time. At most events, the DJ “makes-or-breaks” the party.  A great DJ means a great party and an event you will never forget, practically regardless of any other circumstances. A bad DJ will send people home early and probably ruin the night, no matter how nice the rest of the event has been.  DJ selection might be the most critical decisions one can make when planning a party. We believe you cannot find a higher quality service in the region, and our prices are fair. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you.

Why should I hire live music for my event?

It is purely your preference.  Live music can make any event unique and simply more “lively”.  For the best of both worlds, feature live music for cocktails and dinner and a DJ to play great tunes for dancing, etc.  Or just hire a band or soloist for your next party, social, or outdoor picnic.

Do you take requests?

Yes, if the song is part of the repertoire, or selected weeks advance.  Most live musicians or bands prefer to perform songs that have been prepared and practiced.

Do you take breaks?

Yes.  Most live musicians allow themselves breaks for performances longer than sixty to ninety minutes, depending on the job.  Typically breaks are about fifteen to twenty minutes per forty to fifty minutes of playing.

Do you provide recorded music for breaks?

Yes, depending on the job. It can be included with the service by request.

Why are bands and ensembles so expensive?

The top bands that perform for receptions and other private parties most often are called upon to play a very wide variety of songs and have great sound equipment, which means that they are definitely worth the price.  The best area musicians that play for wedding ceremonies have had years of training and experience.

What kind of acoustic music is available for our wedding ceremony?

For solo instrumentalists, consider harp, piano/keyboard or acoustic guitar.  For a duo, add flute, violin or a vocalist.  Larger groups include a string trio or quartet with optional trumpet.  Whatever flavor you have in mind.

How far will you travel?

EmCee Entertainment covers a wide service area that includes most of southeastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Reading, West Chester, Doylestown and the Lehigh Valley. A mileage allowance may be charged for longer distances. Can I come to one of your scheduled events to see you perform?
Yes, as long as they are public events. Attendance at private events is typically restricted. EmCee Entertainment respects this courtesy. Moreover, whatever you could observe at the private event would most likely not apply to your particular entertainment needs or preferences.

What is karaoke?

Karaoke is a fun way for people to sing.  Singers pick a favorite song from a list and sign up with the KJ.  The singer is provided with a microphone and the background music and lyrics to his/her song, in the style of the original artist.  Karaoke is used at family events, outdoor festivals, promotions, and in bars and restaurants.

Are the backing music tracks from the original recordings?

Usually no. Most commercial karaoke tracks are recreations of the original and vary greatly in quality. EmCee Entertainment always seeks out the best karaoke tracks available.

Do you take requests for songs not listed?

Not usually. The karaoke books are made up in advance with only the listed karaoke songs available. There are plenty of songs to choose from. New titles are added regularly.

Do the songs in your karaoke library contain explicit lyrics?

Yes, there are a few, but the songs with explicit lyrics are clearly marked as such in the song list. Songs that may be inappropriate for an occasion will not be played unless you specifically ask for them or permit your guests to select them. In addition, the explicit words are edited from the lyrics that are displayed on the television monitor.

What do you need the facility to provide for you for karaoke?

For karaoke, we would only require an electrical outlet and a five- to six-foot banquet table.  We can supply a table if needed (extra fee charged).  We can also supply a video signal to a television monitor that you would supply so that you audience can view the karaoke lyrics along with your singers.

What is DVD karaoke?

Karaoke tracks that include with the song lyrics a video background with actors, etc.

How do I know you are the right KJ for my event?

In a word, experience. A skilled karaoke jockey, in addition to DJ skills, knows how to coordinate karaoke performances so that everyone is having a great time.